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Mississauga’s most ambitious development is under construction starting with M1, M2 and M3. M City is set to change the downtown Mississauga landscape forever, and this page will keep you informed with periodic construction updates, progress photos, video content and more. Be sure to check back for the latest onsite activity as these landmark buildings take shape.

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At M City, we understand that this is both an exciting and busy time. If you’re a home buyer, neighbour or curious onlooker with questions, concerns or suggestions about the construction, please feel free to contact us at or 905.232.0552.


Catch up on the latest news regarding construction and other developments at M City.

Summer 2020


  • Ground breaking ceremony has taken place with special guest Mayor Bonnie Crombie!
  • Vertical drilling of the shoring system is complete
  • Lagging around the perimeter of the site is now down to the first tie back elevation
  • The centre of the site is now bulked out to P3 level. At this elevation, we are well into shale!

M1 & M2:

  • With walls and columns progressing to L7, we are nearly on the typical floor, where we will begin to see increased productivity as the tower floor plate size is considerably smaller than the podium levels
  • Man and material hoists are now installed
  • Off-site materials are being fabricated, and window installation will commence in the fall
  • Major pieces of mechanical equipment have arrived to site and are being set in place

Spring 2020

M1 & M2:

  • The structure continues to progress and slabs and columns are now built to the 4th floor. These are the most complicated slabs on the project
  • Mechanical / electrical works and finishes commence below grade, along with fire protection
  • To continue with vertical works, its important to move personnel and materials up the building. As such, the hoist is planned to be installed in the summer months

Winter 2020

M1 & M2:

  • Parkade structure is complete
  • Concrete forming continues above grade with approx. 30% of 2nd floor slab complete
  • Mechanical and Electrical rough ins continuing
  • Masonry work in the parkade has commenced

Fall 2019

M1 & M2:

  • Construction of the parkade continues to advance back to grade
  • Sprinkler and plumbing installs at P5 commence
  • Electrical rough-ins are advancing to P4

Summer 2019

M1 & M2:

  • The suspended slabs within the parking structure are advancing up to P3
  • Foundation waterproofing to foundation walls continue to advance
  • Electrical and mechanical sleeving continues through the parkade structure

Spring 2019

M1 & M2:

  • Detailed excavation of footings continues
  • Tower cranes are installed
  • Underground drainage system at P5 / 4 levels are being installed
  • Footing installation ongoing
  • Foundation waterproofing being applied to rock face

Winter 2019

M1 & M2:

  • Shotcrete shoring system is complete
  • Excavation continues through shale
  • Wire screening is applied to excavation walls to protect works in the pit

Fall 2018

M1 & M2:

  • Excavation is well under way
  • Shoring system being installed to retain the land outside the property line

Summer 2018

M1 & M2:

  • Site prep has commenced on both M1 & M2 simultaneously
  • Clearing and grubbing of land
  • Set-up of perimeter hoarding
  • Temporary services brought to site